100 cal Steak

100 cal SteakOur Flat Iron Grill, 100 CalorieSteaks are guaranteed to be Tender, Juicy and Delicious. This product is fantastic in quality and taste, and is marked by the American Heart Association.This is EXTRA LEAN BEEF, meat through and through! Steaks cook in 10 minutes, they can be quick and easy yet still maintain a powerful punch of flavor. Too much red meat can be unhealthy but these steaks only have 100 Calories and 3.5g of fat! Take the guess work out of serving size questions with ultra trimmed full flavor meat.

Diced Steak Tips

Diced Steak TipsThese extra lean Diced Steak Tips are good for soups, stews, and a variety of other healthy recipes. only 100 calories and 3.5gs of fat per serving, lightly seasoned and marked by the American Heart association this product is guaranteed to be Tender, Juicy and delicious.

Roasts In Four Flavors

RoastsOur Filet of Beef roast are extra lean products that come in four different flavors: Steak House Original, Teriyaki, Honey Mesquite, and Garlic peppercorn. These products are easy and versatile, healthy yet flavorful and are always tender juicy and delicious and are especially good when grilled.
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